Splitting continuous record into different cd tracks

Every day I have a continuous recording session of about 1 hour, consisting of several talks. Besides recording the individual tracks, I do record the master output track into a wav file as well. After the recording session, I want to burn the master tracks wav onto a cd. So far so good.

The task: I want to create a cd where each of the talks of the recording session are in a separate track of the cd. I imagine there must be some way that I can set some sort of markers in Cubase during the recording session which will allow me later, in WaveLab for instance, to import the master track wav and split it automatically into the respective tracks on cd.

Stopping / restarting the recording, so several different wav files are being created in Cubase, is not an option because this would create small gaps in the recorded material.

I am not familiar with such a task. Is this possible? I appreciate any input.

regards, Mikael

Find the Add Marker key command and use that.

Even cooler is to set up say three tracks. Enable the Pref Enable Record On Selected Tracks. Select the first track and start to record. When you hit the end of the first part, just hit the down nav arrow and the first track will stop recording and the next start.

Hi mashedmitten,

thank you for your suggestions.

The “record arm on selection” does not work in my case because while recording the master track output, I am also recording many other tracks atr the same time.

But I am interested in how the marker solution works. I know how to insert markers. What I am unclear about is how to then go from there - how to use the markers to then create a cd where the audio file is split into different tracks at the marker positions. I appreciate a hint into the right direction…

Regards, Mikael

  • Cut up your 1 hour wave event to separate events. You might want to enable “Snap to Zero Crossing” mode for the cuts.
  • Select all events on that selected track, “Edit–> Select–> All on Selected Tracks”.
  • Execute “Audio–> Advanced–> Events or Range as Region”
  • Open Pool Window “Ctrl+P”
  • Your main file now has a little plus icon, click it to unfold the regions
  • Select all regions in the pool by click the first holding shift and clicking on the last
  • Now execute command “Audio–> Bounce Selection”
  • Select the destination folder to which you would like the single events to be bounced to
  • Burn the single files from the destination folder


You could of course do the same without wasting the other tracks. Just setup two main tracks, record arm one of them and have them both selected during recording, then just press R when you want to switch. Or am I forgetting something here?