Splitting instruments into a type of box notation

So I’m writing a semi-improvisatory piece that will have 3 instruments. They will be following their own “path” and the score will not reflect the “stacked” look like most scores do. Their notes will be notated in staves, but be in several boxes (sections) that can be moved around(hence the improvisatory piece). Is there anyway to cleanly do this? Or should I just create 3 separate flows, each with a different instrument?
But then, I still have the issue of wanting the sections to be separated and not in a continuous staff.

I think probably one flow for each instrument would be the way to go. You can perhaps create an appropriate page template that shows each flow in its own frame as a starting point, so that you can see all three instruments’ music on the same frame. You can then adjust the position, width etc. of frames on individual pages as needed.

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