Splitting joined staff labels

Hello there!

I have two sets of individual violin players:
– violins 1 (six players)
– violins 2 (five players)

Each section is in its own group, named appropriately. But probably because both groups are essentially the same instrument, staff labels are joined together forming “Violin 1 + Violin 2”. If i add some other instrument between the two groups, then, naturaly, labels are split and each group gets it’s own proper label.

Is there any way to split the joined labels without additional, unneeded instrument?

Project and image here:

You can change the engraving option for grouping adjacent identical solo instrument names, but this shows a separate staff label for every staff - I imagine you might want a single name for group 1 and a separate name for group 2?

You might consider using divisi for this, instead of solo players - you can include any number of staves in the divisi, and I just did a cursory test and adding a single section player for each group (ie 2 section players), then giving each player a divisi with 6 section divisions produces something like the staff labels it sounds like you want.

Another option is to use a different type of instrument - for instance, adding 5 “Fiddles” and renaming all of them “2. vijoles” means their instrument name is not combined with “1. vijoles”

He he, fiddle trick is neat! Thank you.

As for divisi: this option was suggested to me in my previous post, but i don’t yet own 3.5, and without its hiding option, there is a problem making individual parts for each player.