Splitting MIDI chords into separate voices

Hi all,
I need some quick help:
I have some midi chords that I’d like to split into separate single note lines. Let’s say a string part that I’d like to send to different instruments groups in HSO for example.
I’d be happy with a way to quickly select all the top notes in given chords, then the 2nd from top, then the third and so on in order to assign different MIDI channels. Or, once they’re selected I could extract them or whatever.
Any idea?
As usual, I suspect the Logical Editor is my friend, but I’ve not found a way yet.

Any help appreciated,

The function you want is called “Dissolve Midi” or “Dissolve Part.”
Although this will separate all pitches and place them on their own midi tracks.
If you first assign the notes for each voice (Hi notes, Middle notes, Low notes) to different midi channels, it will work as you want.

Rotund, thanks for your answer! However, I’m lazy, and I’d really like to work the other way around: First have the Logical Editor (?) select the notes for me (since on longer parts the manual method you’re describing is a little tedious, right?), and then having the choice of either assigning different MIDI channels to the selection, or extracting the selected notes. Makes sense?
I’m not at the workstation right now, but I rummaged through the manual and the Logical Editor earlier, and there are some LE presets and function that are getting me pretty close actually. More help is needed, though, I’m afraid… :confused:

Thanks a bunch for your input, keep it coming!

Here’s a logical editor preset to select the lowest note in a chord. To select the second or third lowest change the 0 to 1 or 2 - i.e. it counts the note positions from the bottom up starting with zero.

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thx man!
I actually looked at that exact same function in the LE, but maybe I was too “hasty” (as Treebeard would say…) and didn’t do it right. Likely was so focused on starting with the topmost voice that I overlooked “0” being the lowest…
I’ll try again later and let you know what came out of this, but the function seems to be designed to do just what I need.


Yeah, I have 4 variants of it so I can easily select different positions in the chord and then assign that line to a different channel. Really useful for breaking out 4-part harmonies. I also created macros to select notes by channel number (via LE presets) and then mute/unmute them. I then them assigned to key commands. Makes it real easy to have a harmony section and mute the different lines to hear them soloed or in combo with another line.

I cannot see what you posted here for the logical editor here. Could you take a screen shot and repost it here or leave a description? I am needing the same issue solved because I am writing for the orchestra and this will be very helpful. Thank You!

Looks like some of the pics from the old forum did not survive the transition. Here is the 1st one from above.

But I really don’t know what the 2nd missing image might have been

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