Splitting Midi files in to different flows and instruments?

Hi folks,
I compose my music in Cubase. In general there will be seven midi tracks in Cubase that are all feeding a single Instrument track with an instance of Kontakt that is playing all seven midi tracks (each midi track is on it’s own midi channel). There are different parts to the songs, verse, chorus, “flows”, etc.

Now in Dorico, my hope is to export the midi from Cubase and then import it in to Dorico as seven different players-each on their own staff. I also want to be able to split that midi file…or perhaps now that the midi is imported in to a single flow…to be able to split the different sections in to different flows.

I had started in Dorico by creating the players, but I see that importing the midi file just created new players-even though they had the same name, so maybe it is best for me to just start a new project from scratch every time from just the imported midi?


I’m doing that from Digital Performer but it is certanly the same for Cubase !

Assuming that you have instrument names for each track in Cubase you simply save (export) your work as MIDI file.

Just open it whit Dorico…
Dorico will do his best and build a score according to your file’s track names.

To separate the file as many flows you want, just select the mesure bar where you want to start a new flow, go to Write / Split flow and its done!

Hope to help