Splitting multi-bar rests?

The Help page says:

  1. In Engrave mode, select an item at the rhythmic position where you want to split multi-bar rests.

OK. How do I do that in a part?


The only way is to toggle multibar rests off for that layout first.

Split Multibar Rest is a global function, so you may as well do it from the score layout.

I’m making corrections from marked-up proofs of the parts. There’s likely the same markings on each one, but I won’t know that till I’ve looked through them all.

Having a complete ‘mare’, and the first time I’ve found Dorico really frustrating.

What’s landing at the point of the split? Typically there’d be a double barline or a rehearsal mark or something…

Once you have a split signpost, you can copy/paste it in write mode.
Let’s say you have an 8-bar multi rest and want to split it half way.
In write mode. Select the multi rest. Shift-N, command + right arrow 4 times and paste the split signpost.


If you need different multibar rest configurations in different parts, Shift+X text with a single space right on beat 1 will break them too. If you use the Spacebar space, and not a non-breaking space, you’ll get a signpost, so it’s easier to remember what you did.


I’ve been looking for this.
Is this the only way of doing this, or do you know if I can set it to a fixed number?

It’s not possible to automatically split multi-bar rests at the moment.

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Okay, thanks for the quick response.

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@jesele – Agreed. This is the usual way I do it. I found out about this little “gem” a few years ago… [thanking @pianoleo here!] that you don’t have to have multi rests turned off in order to get to the correct measure and beat in order to input something (usually a note, in my case).