Splitting Outputs using Yamaha MOXF6 from Cubase LE AI

Hi I’m a newbie here…

I had a Yamaha MOXF6 keyboard with me and Cubase LE AI with me. I have bought some backing tracks with me and wish to split the Metronome track to my Left Output from my keyboard and the other tracks to my Right Output.

I have tried it with Scarlett 2i2 but I am unable to do it with my Yamaha MOXF6.

Please advice here…

Thank you very much


Open Devices > VST Connections > Output. Add two Mono busses. One is routed to the “Main Out 1 (L)” and the second Mono bus is routed to the “Main Out 2 ®”. In the Click column enable Click for the “Main Out 1 (L)”, and make sure, it;s not enabled for “Main Out 2 ®”.

Close VST Connections > Outputs.

Set Output of all your tracks to the Mono Out 2 (which is routed to the “Main Out 2 ®”).