Splitting project into multiple CDs Wavelab 8

Hi, I´m sorry if this is basic or already described in other topics, but I´m rather new to Wavelab.
I´m working on an audio book, and the recorded files are recorded as chapters to be CD tracks.
How can I easily work with multiple CD layouts, so I can easily edit the point of split between the two(three, four etc) CDs?
Is there an auto function for this?

The narrator records at home and sends raw files to me to edit master and cut.
The project is easily 7-8 CDs, and it is preferable to be able to change the split point between CD1 and 2 etc to sett the optimal positions based on a minimum of CDs and also split at appropriate points.

Please help a newb out?

I don’t think there is a way to make multiple CDs in one montage. You’ll likely have to do your editing and then do a “Save As…” for each CD master you need and arrange the audio and tracks as needed just for each CD. You can bind your CD markers to start, end, or audio samples of focused clip so that when you move your regions, the track markers move too.

If you are just going to render WAV files, you could make the one long montage for everything and name the WAV files appropriately, but I think that at some point, you will need a dedicate montage for each CD master if DDP or CD masters are needed.

I think this would be an ideal situation to use super clips. Each super clip is an audio montage representing one CD, and the total montage is your overview where all audio is represented.

Agree, the use of superclips is a solution.

If you are using separate montages, you could also consider using a master project. In the master project you can store a list of all the montages in use (and all the audio files too if you need to), and you can make notes in there. This helps get all the file references in one place which can be useful for multiple CD projects. To open/edit montages and files in the list you simply double-click on the file name in the list.