Splitting quarter note triplets into eighth note triplets

Hello, I’m sorry if this has been already the topic of discussions but I cannot find anything about it.
After importing a midi file, Dorico decides to combine some of the eighth note triplets that I wrote into larger quarter note triplets.

I don’t want to write quarter note triplets, I want this
Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.09.56 AM.png
Is there any way to either:

  • prevent Dorico from interpreting midi data with quarter note triplets
  • break these quarter note triplets into eighth note triplets?

Does this relate to percussion? If so, you really need to say so.

this is a vibraphone part. Is this considered as a percussion by Dorico?

Nope. Not relevant. Ignore my previous comment.

no worries, is there a way to break these quarter note triplets though?

If the application you’re using to create your MIDI files supports MusicXML export, you might try exporting MusicXML rather than MIDI in order to import the data into Dorico.

The way to do the edit you want to do is using the following steps, but it’s far from fast:

  1. Select the quarter triplet bracket and delete it, which unscales the notes to be regular non-triplet quarter notes, eating up the quarter rest on the second beat.
  2. Select the second quarter note and change its duration to an eighth note.
  3. Select the first quarter note and type Shift+N or Return to show the caret. (You have to do this, or the next step won’t work.)
  4. Type 5 to change the duration to eighth; this is specifying the unit of the tuplet you’re about to create.
  5. Type ; for the tuplet popover, then type 3:2 into the popover, and hit Return.

However, I think you’re going to find that it’s quicker to fix this once, then copy and paste the first two beats of the bar into other instances of the same pattern, repitching the pasted notes according to the ones you replaced.

thanks so much Daniel

I am working with Ableton Live that neither uses MusicXML nor Midi channel 10 for drums export, so it’s a pain. I basically have to export the midi files from Ableton, re-import them in another DAW (Cubase in my case), export the midi files on channel 10 from Cubase, and re-import in Dorico.
I wish Dorico had an option for midi import such as “import as percussion” and more options for “simple / moderate / complex” triplets import (like the midi import window in Sibelius). That would save me so much time!

I basically ended up copying and pasting everywhere this was happening.
Thanks a lot though!