Splitting Staves into two separate sections

Complete newbie to Dorico. Hoping this will replace “the other product”.

I’ve got a problem in that I want to create 3 separate tunes, on the same page. At the end of each tune, an end double barline, split and then on to the next one with a different key.

If I split it, it drops to the next line (or next page for flow) but views it as a continuation of the same piece and puts the new key signature in the previous piece, which is definitely not what I want.

I’m sure it’s easy, but I can’t find it anywhere in help pages.


Simplest route is to create three separate flows, and in Layout Options>Flows set new flows= allow new flows on existing page and show flow headings = never. Something like this

There’s no problem referring to Sibelius/Finale/MuseScore or any other product on this forum. In fact it helps, so we understand what your old workflow might have been.


I know. It was a joke! :slight_smile:

It works though - thank you! The only problem now is that it has now decided to shrink the bars where I want them to stretch to fill the screen.

Sorted. Thanks again Janus and Lillie.