Splitting stereo audio into two channels and some Wave plugins oddities

That’s right, just tested it. Huge issue here, not only the Waves Mono versions do not show level activity, but they simply do not work. This acts as if the plugin was bypassed.

And also a weird thing is happening, in the Channel Settings, the Inserts Routing shows a straight line on the plugin, instead of the usual two little dots. This means the signal doesn’t even go through the plugin, just like if it wasn’t detected, so in reality it isn’t just bypassed, it is completely ignored.

Left split :
waves mono split Left

Right split :
waves mono split Right

However, the problem doesn’t seem to come from Waves, but from Cubase, because when you create a new Mono Track, duplicate the Right channel on it, then add a Mono plugin, it now works properly, so it’s basically a bug that occurs during the creating of the Tracks upon importing a Stereo file and selecting Split Channels.

The created Track for the Right channel is definitely corrupted, and again this can be proven by just duplicating the Right channel on an empty space so that the Track also gets duplicated, if you do that the issue still persists.

100% Cubase bug here, that makes Waves Mono plugins to behave wrongly.


So, again, how do I submit a formal bug report?

On the My Steinberg page, just log in and find the support page. You can open tickets there, although you can’t directly select Technical Support at first, you may choose whatever option in the list, then choose Technical Support on the next page where you type your message.

Hi @Louis_R we are back to our dismal situation here in Australia, neglected remote wilderness that we are - I have to submit via Yamaha which as mentioned above a couple of times is an exercise in blood pressure raising futility (this is not just my opinion, you can find many posts about this). Therefore this defect will never get attention if I submit it. I say this based in experience. It would be good if we could get this attended to as it will affect others now and in the future I am sure.

Would you be so kind as to raise this bug with a more responsive division of Steinberg? Your description and test of what I am seeing is a very precise articulation of the defect.

I believe this has already been reported. Please check if the issue is still present in the next maintenance update.

@Romantique_Tp really? Are there any posts about that I can read that you can link? I’d be very interested. Of course I cannot imagine I am the first one to see this, given how prevalent Waves plugins are.

@Andro I’ve reported it.
Thanks for exposing this issue, it’s quite a big one.

@Louis_R thanks. A fix will help many users.

@Romantique_Tp believes this has already been reported, but without public access to the issues log it’s impossible to know. Of course open source projects allow us to see bugs reported but with commercial closed source that is a different matter. The downside of this is that sometimes multiple people will report the same issue over time without realising the duplication of effort.

In my work on this I found that if I import a stereo audio file into the Pool and load it onto a track then using the Project->Convert Tracks->Multi-Channel to Mono function works perfectly. Splitting on import results in tracks identified as L and R in the routing diagram box, But using the Project function the tracks are identified as S1m with the proper connection for the plugin, and panned hard left and right. If split on import could simply do the same thing that would be great. In any case, this is a good way to do it until such time as a fix is prepared.

I ran into this problem a few years back.
Since then, after the LR split, I just copy the audio event from the left channel onto a newly created mono channel to avoid this kind of issue.
Hope they will fix it soon.

The bug has been fixed 12.0.50, it seems to work properly now.
Can someone else confirm ?