Splitting the track view

Hiya guys, I know this surely must have been mentioned more than a couple of times, but I am trying to split the track view in Cubase 7 so I can keep the marker track always on top. In older versions, there was a little button on the top right that you could click for that, but I am unable to find it in this version of Cubase?

Surely it must be obvious and I have just missed it…
Thanks for the help.

Never mind just found it, it the diagonal arrow on the upper right portion of the Windows :blush:

Hey, I decided to react to your topic because now, in Cubase 9.0, I had the same problem of finding this feature and today it is even more difficult to find it (see the attachment).

One point is, that you don’t even see an solid arrow at the point where you have to click, just a shadowish thing. Another issue is, in my eyes, that when you move a track to the upper split and then hide the section again, there is no indication that there is a track in a hidden section and if you don’t know it, there is little chance you find those tracks :unamused:

So I guess there is some potential to make this more clear, if I’m not missing something…