I seem to be struggling with the splitting option.

I’ve noticed on quite a few vids that people are able to split audio - in regards to even between a bar of audio, so their able to trim the 3.5 bars length of vocals down to 3 (for example).

Heck even being able to grab a bit of audio between bar 5 and 6 to do a cool reverse reverb effect.

What could I be doing wrong ?

Are you turning snap off?

set it to quantize and not beat, then you’ll be able to cut where you want

Via the cursor / arrow button ?

Where do I do that in ?

Please RTM page 52: The Snap Function

for cubase 6.5 but the principle is the same as Cubase 7/7.5


in Grid Type, top right of the screen, leave Snap on and then choose e.g. 16th notes in the quantize menu