Spot Mode a la Pro Tools?

It has been a while since I used PT’s but if I’m remembering Spot Mode correctly, in Nuendo I replaced it with edit mode and “snap point to cursor”. I work in edit mode and have “snap point to cursor” as a key command. This way I can quickly put the snap point where I want it on an audio file, get the proper spot in the video lined up and quickly place the sound against the cursor position. Hope that helps, John.

If you use BWF you can spot the audios directly clicking on the audio file with the right mouse button and " move to origin" and it goes to where it was originally recorded . You can also spot several audio files at the same time .Just select them and use “move to origin” again.

Hope it helps.


Not what you’re specifically looking for, Headlands, but you could place the cursor with the 'Input Position" command, then hit ‘Move to Cursor’

try to select the region, and on the info bar type in your time code location in the “Start” box. you save on clicking a tool (spot mode) and then closing a box.

My other trick for this is to put my cursor at the location I want, double click the file in the pool and move the snap point to where I want the sound to start. Then I just drop the file into the session with the grid set to snap to cursor, can’t see that taking any longer than typing in a timecode location in PT’s. john.

The Nuendo way is faster than PT in so many ways.
Relative positioning. You can choose to position either the start, end or sync point at a specified time position. Also you can move multiple clips to its original position using a single KC. In PT you have to move each clip individually.

Do you mean that you can adjust these on the info line? or are you referring to some other technique?

Yes the info line, it’s much more powerful than the spot tool in PT.