Spread out staves across the page

What is the best way to spread out an orchestral score across the page when Dorico does not do it by default? I know I could go into Engrave mode and pull the staves down, myself, but I guess there is a more secure way to do it? Or is it the only way?

Have a read of this, it might be of use:

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Manual staff spacing should only be a last resort for when you are certan there is no global option which gives you what you want. In this case, there definitely is.

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This must be one of the Discover Dorico sessions that we link to most often here, but it’s for good reason:


Thanks @DanielMuzMurray !! Something funny happened - I lowered the first value of Vertical Justification - Justify distance between staves and system when frame is at least x% full - to 50%, after having tried to increase it - without the system spreading across the page.At 50 % it jumped right to where I wanted it - nice! Funny thing is - I then reopened the dialogue and the value was back to 60%. I don´t quite understand that, but I might not have to, because the job is done.