Spread Stacked Midi Parts Sequentially

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

I like to record/improvise MIDI parts in loops, with Stacked mode activated. After that, I usually duplicate the entire loop to the length of the improv I did (say 16x the loop). This, however, results in only the first overlap being duplicated.

Is there a quick way to put the take in chronological order when duplicating the loop + the new improv? At the moment, I have to manually select each midi overlap for each duplication, which is quite cumbersome.


I’m not sure I follow your description correctly. If by “overlap” you mean the MIDI Parts which are on different Lanes, then yes. Expand the Lanes and select all the MIDI Parts on the various Lanes. and drag the control to duplicate the MIDI Parts.

If this isn’t what you are trying to do, perhaps a couple of screenshots would help clarify.

dup parts on lanes