I cannot find a way to have a cross on notes’ stem. Is there a way to accomplish that?
Hopefully not a ten passages work-around!
This is the link of Pierrot Lunaire, which uses sprechgesang extensively.


Unfortunately at the moment the only stem decorations Dorico can make on its own are tremolos and buzz rolls. For the time being I suggest you use a Shift+X text item, and I recommend you switch off collision avoidance for text items on the Text page of Engraving Options to make this more manageable.

hi daniel.
i’m looking for this kind of note, too. i don’t mean to be pushy by any means but is there a realistic hope that this function is going to be integrated anytime soon? it would be a top priority on my personal list.
all best,

I’m afraid it’s not currently scheduled for the next big update, but it certainly remains in our plans. Sorry that I can’t provide you with a more definite timescale.