SprectraLayers One or Pro?

I just upgraded from SpectraLayers 8 Pro to Spectralayers 9. When I open it, it doesn’t say that it’s SpectraLayers Pro. It says it’s SpectraLayers One, version 9.0. It seems that I have it registered on my eLicenser account, but for some reason, it isn’t registered under Steinberg Licensing.

Do I have the right version, or is something wrong?

See my post in the “SpectraLayers 9” thread below. It was quite the process getting it authorized and moved from the eLicenser to the SAM. There are several hoops to jump through.


Same confusion here

Well, I can use 8 channels of audio, and I can use sample rates above 96khz, so I guess I have the Pro version. Maybe it’s just the splash screen that’s wrong???

Look at the unmix feature. Mine is very limited compared to SpectraLayers Pro 8 which I updated from. Something isn’t right

You’re right. It’s missing the Pro features from 8. Steinberg has got us again. I truly understand how hard they are trying to prevent people from pirating their software, but when they make it this difficult for paying customers to get their products working, then they have a SERIOUS problem. Wtf!?!?!?

I hope this isn’t the future of companies working from home.

I submitted a ticket to tech support. At this point, I don’t even care about the update. I’ll stick with 8 Pro. Then can just refund my money for all I care. Upgrading should NOT be this difficult at all.

Finally I’ve figured it out. Launch the Steinberg activation manager and activate. That is the missing link. Worked for me. We are all still getting used to this new activation system


Thanks. That did it. I already had that installed. I forgot all about it.

Do we really need TWO DIFFERENT programs for an upgrade? A “Download Assistant” and a “Activation Manager”??? Why can’t they be all in one program, just like iZotope, Arturia, Native Instruments, etc???

What happened to you is arguably a bug in Steinberg Activation Manager.

If you had no licence for SpectraLayers 9 at all, SAM would have auto-activated your SpectraLayers Pro licence - you can see this behaviour if you deactivate SpectraLayers Pro and Cubase/Nuendo in SAM, then launch SpectraLayers standalone. However, if you have a Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12 licence activated, which enables the SpectraLayers One feature set, SAM will not auto-activate a SpectraLayers Elements 9 or SpectraLayers Pro 9 licence to take advantage of the greater feature set available.

Suggested improvement: auto activate a SpectraLayers Elements or SpectraLayers Pro licence if one is available, even though SpectraLayers One functionality is enabled via a Cubase or Nuendo licence.

Steinberg is improving the installation and activation experience, though they have a way to go in modernising everything. We have moved on from the days when you had to download and activate everything manually in eLicenser Control Center. What happened to those posting in this thread, where a Spectralayers Pro or Elements licence did not auto-activate if SpectraLayers One was enabled via an activated Cubase or Nuendo licence, is arguably a bug.

I noticed Steinberg were recently advertising for a developer to work on onboarding and similar processes.

While I love Steinberg Products, we should not need 4 separate applications (e-Licenser, SAM, SDA, SLM) to manage our products and we shouldn’t have to open every single product and compare versions with the download assistant to see if there is any updates. This is something they really need to fix.

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The update thing is most definitely a pain, having to trawl through all my products to see if there are updates is a totally unnecessary time sink.