Spurious automation points created

I am currently using Cubase 8.0.35 on OSX 10.11.4. I doubt that the problem is limited to these versions but people could easily be having this problem and never know what is happening. Sometimes when I click to start a rectangle select not near a point or line, a new point gets created somewhere. During actual use, this would manifest itself as a point suddenly jumping over to the cursor when the drag is started for the select. I thought I was accidentally clicking on a point and dragging it. Eventually, I clicked without dragging and saw a new, selected point appear well below the cursor in the middle of a line. I have now reproduced this behavior many times. I also have found points that I apparently could not click select in that the point was not highlighted. In turns out there were stacks of points with exactly the same location and value. A point down in the stack was getting selected. I kept moving the covered points out from under the top one. I found that if I undid the moves, the “extra” points just vanished and I had one normal point. I have now verified that the spurious point is sometimes created directly under an existing point. Apparently, in all my clicking around trying to make a new point appear, I was creating points under existing points. One stack had nine points. I have now clicked well away from a point and seen the new point appear under the existing one. I saw the attribute fields appear in the upper left even though no visible point was highlighted. I changed the value in a field and saw a selected point emerge from underneath another point. I could not find where anybody else was reporting anything like this but I imaging they are. When this bug happens, I just undo to restore but that deletes the new point and there is no entry in this history list for creating one so a person could think they had accidentally clicked and moved a point, undo the point and never know what happened. There seems to be a lot of variability in how this happens and I have not been able to figure that out but my automation lanes are usually stretched pretty far vertically and it seems to happen more when the horizontal zoom is low.

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It is the 6th and currently last post there. There is a link to a small example cpr file and some pointers on how to get the bug to happen. It is pretty easy.