Spurious MIDI controller data...

Hi, Recently my Oxygen 49 started producing a tremendous amount of spurious modulation controller data in C8 Pro whenever I record a MIDI performance. I’ve confirmed it’s not the keyboard itself by directing its output to MIDI-OX (where it is ‘silent’ unless I move the mod wheel). Any insight would be greatly appreciated (it’s annoying to have to constantly delete all these data).

Hi, did you try this with a completely empty Project with only one single midi track?

could it be that the Mod data Comes through another midi port ? If you have “all midi Inputs” as Input for your midi track this could be the case. YOu an easily check this: Simply select the single correct Input only as Input for your midi track.

Are you also sure it is “Mod-Data”? (and not after touch for example?)




I had a similar issue with M-Audio Axiom. After the investigating, I found, the MOD wheel started to send some data while I was really playing (not just while testing). Probably the move of the whole keyboard triggered something…

I changed the MIDI keyboard.

But Ernst’s questions are very valid.

Ernst, thank you so much! You nailed it exactly. When I power my monitors on I was also turning on an old MIDI controller that I forgot about. Switching it off solved the problem. :smiley:

Hi, great that we could help to solve your issue. :slight_smile:

You know, “been there, done that” ;o) - i.o.w.: … sometimes I can help with things that simply happened to me as well ;o)))

Cheers, Ernst