Square brackets for time signatures, metronome marks and hairpins

For editorial purposes I would like square brackets for
Squathere brackets - Time signatures
Time signatures (absent in the original score)

Square brackets - Metronome markings
Metronome marks

Square brackets - Hairpins

What would be the easiest way to achieve these?


I believe the easiest way to put brackets around these items is with staff text. For the metronome marks and hairpins, create instances of staff text with several spaces between the brackets. In engrave mode, set the property to allow collisions and nudge the text into the desired position. If necessary, return to write mode and change the number of spaces or the font size of the brackets. With a little trial and error, it should be possible to achieve suitable results.

Putting square brackets around time signatures is more complicated. Here is my attempt to recreate your first example:


To precisely control the distance between the brackets, I put each one in a separate instance of staff text. With most fonts, increasing the size of the brackets to enclose the time signatures will make them too thick. I use Windows and chose Corbel Light as the font for my brackets.

The biggest problem is creating space before each time signature for the left bracket. For the 12/8 time signature, use note spacing in engrave mode, click the square over the barline before the time signature, click the circle underneath that square, and press Alt+right arrow to push the time signature away from the barline.

For the 6/8 time signature, start by changing the clef at the beginning of the upper staff to Bass Clef 15 Above. Then use the Edit Music Symbol dialog to replace that clef with the normal bass clef (U+E062) follow by a space glyph (U+20). Increase the X Offset for the space glyph to push the time signature away from the clef.

You might find it easier to use something like MusGlyphs to enter the whole thing as text.

Thank you, @johnkprice and @dan_kreider for your helpful suggestions. I suspected the brackets around time signatures would be the more difficult task. But John’s perfect example showed that it is possible - with a little patience.
Square brackets - Time signatures - Dorico
For the 12/8 signature I followed John’s instructions, using Arno Pro Display Light for the brackets. For the 6/8 signature I thought it was easy to just “hide time signature” and use MusGlyphs.

Square brackets - Metronome markings - Dorico
For the Metronome markings I also used MusGlyphs

Square brackets - Hairpins - Dorico
For the square brackets around the hairpin I used staff text, as suggested by John.

Thank you again, this forum is incomparable!

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