Square Noteheads?

This is a relatively small thing, but I was wondering: Are there any plans to add square noteheads to Dorico in the future? Or alternately, are they possible but not obvious?

I ask because while I’m quite happy with the various available noteheads (regular, diamond, x, x with circle, triangle, etc.), there don’t appear to be any square noteheads. Contemporary classical music does make use of square noteheads periodically, so I was curious if they were planned to be added. If not, could they be put on the list? I’m not a programmer or anything, but I imagine adding a new notehead to the list isn’t a particularly mammoth task.


Yes, this would be possible for us to add. Square noteheads are part of the various shape note systems, which we plan to support in due course, so when we add those noteheads we will be able to expose them via the current mechanism for changing noteheads too.

Could you said us which extended contemporary techniques and notepads was introduced in dorico 1.1 ?
I wait that will be so useful than sibelius at least to move to dorico.
Thanks for your answer

We didn’t introduce any new notehead types in Dorico 1.1, I’m afraid. The major new area of notation capability that might be of interest to you is in piano pedalling, for which all modern techniques we’ve found in the literature (with the exception of rapid oscillation of the pedal) we have implemented proper support for in this release.

I hope you will think about notehead and contemporary symbols types in further release ?

I have a suggestion for note heads, when you right click and move the mouse to note heads it has a textual description. This is nice, but it would be nicer if there was a visual representation to the right of the textual description. And have 2 note heads, one for the open and one for the closed. I think it would help people like me to see the result with less “playing around.”

Hopefully this can be reexamined at a later date.