Squasher presets/Loops Samples not showing in trial

Hi I’m checking out the 11 trial and noticed there’s no presets for Squasher. Is this a limitation of the trial or something else?

I also checked in mediabay and there are no presets in that folder in the User Content preset area.

Loops and Samples is blank but when I check the mediabay the samples are there (and I can find them installed on my drive), they just don’t show on the right pane. This didn’t work in 10.5 either.

When I select it I get the scanning icon for about 1-2 seconds and then nothing else happens.

Another thing is that now when I load the download assistant it doesn’t show anything is installed, I’ve got Wavelab 10, Cubase 10.5 and now 11 all installed. Yet it just shows download next to everything. If I do try to download something it immediately recognizes I have it and then gives the install button.

Any ideas?


I can see 73 Squasher presets here on my side. But I don’t think this is the Trial version limitation. The Trial version is the very same Cubase, as the retail version, just the license is different. Could you try to reinstall Cubase 11, please?

Hi Martin.

Thanks will try that. Maybe my Loop/Samples issue was carried over from 10.5 since the preferences were used for 11. Are the presets for Squasher in the main C11 install file (the 550mb one) or do I need to install all of the other packs?




As far as I know, all presets (not the libraries) are part of the Cubase 11 installer.

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Hi I got it working. Uninstalled 10.5 and then deleted the mediabay.db in 11 (this was copied over from 10.5) along with the user preferences file and both are working (Squasher presets and Loop/Samples icons.)

Thanks for the help.