SSD & Cubase 9

Im just experiencing the delights of having an SSD hard rive in my iMac-the speed is amazing! So far so good but was just wondering if any cubase users experienced any problems?

I’ve been using SSD’s for years with great results and zero problems. The only drawback is their price…

True I bought a1Tb-a 2Tb is ridiculous money!

I know it is good to have ssd as a systemdisk and it will be better performance than mecanical disks. But Will we see any improvements if we use ssd disk to install for example toontracks drum software or saving Cubase projects on an ssd or will i not notice any performance increase there as if i use a velocity raptor for that matter

Yes you will get improvements. Load time in to ram will go quicker. 100 track monster project will load quicker.

I bin using ssd for a long time. I save a min here and there, when loading sample vsti, loading up big projects and moving about projects. I would say I save my self an houre or two waiting time, in the end of the week.

If you go ssd on os, record and sample drive. You will get better respons in your daw.
So it will be an improvement.

RAM becomes less critical altogether if you’re using SSD drives. You can stream orchestral samples etc off the drives instead of loading them in to RAM.

PLAY monitors whether or not you’re using SSD drives and sets the level of streaming accordingly.

I’m using an SSHD but am thinking about installing an M.2 SSD.

I’m at the point of using a Samsung 960Pro NVMe 1tb drive in an m.2 slot and after starting years ago with a 64gb ssd and filling up with windows and download updates from adobe and other “stuff” went to 128, then 256 and finally after about a 5 yr run of these drives, I just updated the entire computer.

The results are very different and fast but when I go to load tracks from the old 2TB project drive, a Western Digital caviar black, there is a lag of enough time to make me wonder if I clicked the right item. Maybe 2 seconds before it starts loading up. I thought it was getting the mechanical drive up to rpm but it happens even if its been accessed several times. This system is very nice to work with but I still run my old 2600k along side for a few office tasks and there is only a slight difference in speed in those tasks. If I save projects to the 960Pro, it’s lightening fast. But, I am not saving projects there

What I love is the actually speed of booting up-its barley 30secs if that and knowing I can go straight to any app and opening straight away. Ive never been an impatient person but for those who are it must be a luxury!