SSD HD Tach benchmark results

Can anyone give me some advice on these results?

I’ve got 2 SSDs in my PC for sample streaming:

Crucial M500 1tb
Crucial BX100 1tb.

Both are connected on separate Sata 6GB ports. Not setup as raid.

I’ve noticed that samples seem to be taking longer to load lately.

I ran HD tach on both drives and got quite different results for read speed. (see attachments).

Maybe I’m running the wrong tests or it’s something to do with the different drive specs.

But my initial impression is that the M500 isn’t running so well…

Any thoughts?
Crucial M500 result.JPG
Crucial BX100 result.JPG

Is the drive setup with over-provisioning turned on? Maybe some blocks are going bad (perfectly normal with SSDs) but without over-provisioning turned on they are not replaced.

Also have you got defraging turned on? - this needlessly wears SSDs out - you do not need to defrag an SSD.

Thanks I’ll check about OP and de-frag.

Tried “SSD read spead tester” and this actually provides more consistent results between the 2 drives…