Hi to All!
I’m thinking of using this Internal Desktop HD for recording and streaming kontakt samples for my cubase 7.5 setup on mac os 10.9.1.I run cubase on a macpro 8core.the HD Model is seagate SSDHD.Model No is ST2000DX001.7200 RPM/2TB/SATA 6Gb/s.Would any one kindly advice if this HD is good enough.Tnx!

I don’t know how this Seagate drive operates, but there is a thread elsewhere advising Mac users NOT to use the new Fusion drive for audio recording work (at least not without a number of possibile workarounds) - and the Fusion drive is basically a SSDHD.


I have one of these drives in my current machine, actually, and it’s pretty impressive. It took a little bit for it to “learn” what applications I use most frequently and load them fast, but once it learned, everything has been smooth, boot times are fast, and the disk overall is really quick. I have not heavily benchmarked it, but for a 2TB drive that is capable of SATAIII speeds, I am impressed so far. It is my OS drive, although I think that in the future I’ll do an SSD as my OS drive, and one of these for samples/audio.

I’m always wary of adaptive devices, especially if one does not know how they work.

At any rate, I would wait to use it for critical stuff until many of your workflow scenarios (like using all sample libraries) have been taught to it.

Also, Asus provide facilities on their later motherboards to use an SSD as a scratch drive for your HDDs.

Personally, SSDs are almost cheap enough to be used for all drives in a DAW.

I’m not using a Mac but I got 2 of these drives for my PC. I installed them about 2 days ago and they are slightly faster than the ST2000DM001 2TB Disks I had before. Its a noticable difference at Windows startup, end, starting Cubase and Samp. Specially when loading large projects full of plugins or when copying Data.

The whole System just feels snappier but its not like a day and night difference… just slightly but noticably faster.