SSL 2+ interface, MODX, and Cubase LE/AI 10.5

I was unable to locate a solid answer or thread for this. If its been covered I apologize but please send link.
I am brand new to digital recording and DAW but am trying to make a mini home recording setup. I’m running an SSL 2+, Yamaha MODX7, and Cubase LE/AI 10.5. I’m connected USB-C to my SSL, USB out of my MODX into laptop. From there monitor out to my monitors. My main issues are these-

  1. when setting up studio and i select the SSL as my driver i get no audio out of my MODX.
  2. if i use the Steinberg drivers i get audio out of my laptop headphone out but nothing out of my SSL interface monitoring
  3. I seem to be unable to use my MODX audio engine to record MIDI into Cubase. I can get my keyboard to act as a MIDI controller for the cubase sound library. But i cannot bring the MODX sounds into Cubase.
    As stated I’m new to this. So if was typing the wrong questions into the search engines please forgive me. I’m at my wits end with something that is probably a very easy fix. I dont need smug, derogatory replies telling me how to use a search feature. Any and all help would be great. even if its just a link to the right resource.

I think you could either:

  • Use the SSL as the audio interface; then you need to connect the MODX audio out to SSL’s audio input, in order to hear and capture the MODX sound (I assume the SSL is driving the speakers)
  • Use the MODX audio interface to get audio into Cubase via USB. The speakers should then be connected directly to the MODX audio out (and ins and out set correctly in Cubase).

There’s info about this on (there’s a forum there as well, but also tutorials on setup and connectivity) and on Dom Sigalas YouTube channel (search on YT for the user).

Sweet thanks for the reply. I’ll check out the Vid and thread. I think I may be trying to bite off more than I can chew at the moment. As I want to be able to blend my monitor with pre/post Cubase. But this is gonna help a lot! This has been quite the journey for me so far and I’m kinda crunched for time to get my music out. I have some serious medical issues… and I am trying to record an album for my wife before I am unable. While your reply may seem quick and if not a ton of info- it means a lot to me. So thanks again.