SSL Duende Native (64-bit) + Cubase 6 (64-bit) + OS X

Anyone tried this combo yet? Stable setup?


I’m not an OSX user but have seen plenty of discussion on all platforms at the Gearslutz forum.

DON’T DO IT. They are not 64 bit VST, only AU, meaning if you install them you are basically giving up your DSP power for nothing at this time. This is not made very clear until you go hunting in their knowledgebase as to which platforms it’s supported on.

I have opened a support call with them asking them about 64bit VST versions. Unless they release 64bit VST versions it’s kind of pointless to upgrade.

Oh, I didn´t know that. I don´t have the Duende DSP. I was planning to buy the Native plugins, but I guess that´s out of the question now.

Drop them an email and ask if / when they will be releasing 64bit VST.

SSL aren’t like TC-Electronic - they will hopefully have a plan to update them soon.

You never know what they (TC) will do.

For all we know they could have fully operational 64 bit plugins working now.

Surely there would not be much difference coding for motorola as opposed to analog devices, at least to bring it up to spec without making new features.

I can’t tell if you are joking or not.

Just because TC have announced that they will no longer be upgrading their plugins doesn’t mean there won’t be any last minute compatibility fixes, since after all it is a whole system and not only a driver.

Sorry to the OP for going OT, but in this link:

It was never explained if the driver in windows 7 is actually native or not so if anyone knows chime in because there is only one more update before the platform is finished (complete).