SSL duende native 64 vocal strip doesn't load

Hey there

I am trialing the ssl duende native 64 plugins. I have been mixing an ep and have been using the mono vocal strip on the inserts of the main vocal. When i go back to a project after closing it, the vocal track has complete silence, I have to close the vocal strip, reload it, load up the saved pre set and its ok. Bit of a pain, not the end of the world seeing that I am only trialing the ssl stuff for now before i decide to buy but if this was the case after i purchased i wouldn’t be happy. Anyway, anyone else experiencing this? These are the only non cubase plugins i am using.


Try the Vst2 plug. There is a known problem with the Vst3 plugs and Cubase. I have the same problem with X-EQ. The bus compressor and channel strip seem to be ok.

Yes I have the same (cubase 5.5.3 64) SSL told me that the next version of the plugs will solve the issue.
VST 2 versions are working.