SSL duende X-EQ show bug


I have issues with the duende X-EQ
sometimes the EQ graph that appears green-ish in the top half
sometimes the EQ GUI is completely white.

If you reload a preset it’s ok.

Solid State Logic doesn’t know if it’s a cubase issue or plug.

Have you the same ?

Thank you.

64 bits version on win 7 64 with cubase 5.5.3 64

RAM issue? Video card driver issue?

No nothing of them …

All the other duende plug work fine (I have just channel strip and bus-comp and add the X-EQ).

And the bug is confirmed by Solid State Logic (they have reproduced it) but they aren’t sure if this is a duende issue or a cubase issue…

When you works with X-EQ in a project all is right but if you close and re-open the project, the GUI of the plug is white and no-sound on the track …

The bug is on the VST3 version. The VST2 version works fine except the preset name from cubase that is not saved (always ‘default’ in the preset name).
For the X-EQ we have to use the presets system of the plug himself and the VST2 version…

I have the same problem. ( I demoing SSL X-EQ plug-in now ).
So thanx a lot for explain how avoid this problem.
It looks that vst 2 plug-in works fine and vst 3 plugin has that GUI ( and no sound ) bug in the same Cubase 6 ( 6.0.5 ) project.
That bug only apears after reopen ( saved ) Cubase project.

Sorry for my English.