SSL Nucleus 2 with C9.5.20 channel focus

Anybody using Nucleus with Cubase Pro?

Are you able to select a channel in Cubase GUI and for Nucleus to physically move to focus to that channel?

IE. If I select channel 50 in Cubase GUI and the N2 is focussed on channels 1-16 - the Nucleus does not jump to channel 50. Only it’s selection light is illuminated if I manually bank to channel 50.( Auto select is checked in Cubase remote menu).

I have previously owned Eucon and MCU systems that physically moved focus to selected fader. It’s a bit of a must have in my book!



I see no one has answered so I will do my best. If the Neucleus 2 still uses the Mackie Control protocol then no it is not full by-directional focus. Cubase will follow the Mackie Protocol controllers but the hardware will not follow the GUI as far as selected channels go. It is a huge downside of this system.

Perhaps this will help?

Thanks McBass. This is disappointing. Especially at this price point. The Nucleus does have the best feel on faders I’ve come across on remote devices I’ve tried so far (Houston, MCU & Eucon Artist series,CC121) - it’s great to be able to balance multiple channels using more than one digit at a time. However, it also it appears it’s not really possible to write automation on multiple faders at the same time.

Thanks for the link Stephen57. But the problem seems to be the Mackie Control protocol is not fully bi-directional.

At that price point it seems to lack a few features. Alt monitor for one. Plus something this nice and still having to look at truncated channel names on the scribble strips is ridiculous. Again a limitation of the protocol. It was developed something like 18 years ago after all! I picked up a used cc121 just for the fader focus and it has changed the way I work. I also programmed the function buttons to switch my monitors through the control room section, plus mono fold down, listen/listen defeat. Not the best but very useable in Cubase (only BTW).

I’ve now removed the Nucleus from my system. Was also having problems using the internet at the same time as the Nucleus on my network.
I’ve put my CC121 back - this works well, I really like the AI knob but miss multiple faders.

I use a Nucleus (brown model) with Cubase 9.5. The faders fully follow my mouse adjustments within the DAW and vice versa. Channel select is as easy as touching a Nucleus fader and it selects within Cubase. Make sure you have the following settings:

In Ciubase - Mackie Control - Ethernet 2 is first. Ethernet 1 is second
In Nucleus Remote (download from your SSL account) - load the specific Nucleus profile and use DAW Layer 1. This profile can be found and downloaded from your SSL Account.
IP midi - disable handshake and enable 8 ports on reboot
General - make sure you do not have any IP address conflicts on your network and whitelist Nucleus Remote program in your antivirus and Firewall. That may be blocking the signaling Nucleus to Cubase.

Good luck - this works perfectly for me and I’m thrilled with it.

Pleased I stumbled across this thread, getting frustrated with Steinberg dodging the eucon issues so looking for another solution.

Does the nucleus follow the channel filter, show/hide tracks accurately when mix console views are changed?

Thanks in advance for any rep!ies!