SSL Nucleus and WL ... can they be friends?

So … I have a chance to add an SSL Nucleus as a control surface. I know it’s not an ideal mastering device but … for various reasons … I like it.

It is said to be compatible with Cubase and Nuendo and there is no reason to think that it isn’t.

Any experiences with this, or any other SSL controller, and WL9?

You ever get WL and SSL Nucleus to see each other? I am running a Dante system and even though I have Dante Card 1-2 as my output, I am not getting connection to the Dante device.


I have uploaded the Cubase/Nuendo settings into the SSL, but it doesn’t seem to recognize any settings. Via the Dante, I can set the IN/OUT, but other than monitor control, nothing. Anyone know if there is a template specific for Wavelab <–> SSL? @SolidStateLogic