SSL Plugin VST3 GUI issue


Do you have any thoughts on below?
I’ve got a SolidStateLogic Sigma Delta mixer which is controllable via plugins.
One of the VST3 plugins is the monitoring section.
when loading it elsewhere, I see the SSL GUI, when loading it in WL9Pro I see the generic WL GUI?
Any idea why this is? and how I can change it?
The VST2 version works fine.

ThnX in advance.

In the plugin preferences area, is the “Gen” box checked for that plugin to have it show only a generic GUI?

See attachment for example.

ThnX Justin, That was probably it, I’ve trashed preferences which sorted it out as well.
When it happens again I’ll check above.

No problem. A few other users have asked this over the years. It seems that either accidentally or randomly, that box can be checked and then the plugin opens in generic GUI form instead of normal.

If it happens again, now you know where to check without trashing all the preferences.