SSL Plugins window issue at HiDPI on Cubase 12

Hi there,

I recently upgraded Cubase Pro 10.5 to Cubase Pro 12 and some of my SSL plugins are not scaled correctly (please see attachment). I’m using HiDPI settings which works fine with all my other plugins, so I don’t really want to disable it just for a couple of plugins.

I’m already running the latest versions of all the plugins. What’s weird that everything works fine in Cubase 10 using the same settings… this is the main reason I’m reporting the issue here.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Top right of the plugin window for each plugin, there is a drop-down menu next to the snapshot icon. One of the options is to “allow cubase to resize” or something similar. Toggle it on or off depending on what works.

Implementation of this sort of thing varies by plugin manufacturer.

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Oh, never heard about that option. I couldn’t find it in the drop-down menu though, I even checked with other plugins, but no luck.

I contacted SSL about this issue, and they actually told me their newer plugins don’t have such problem (check the Drum Strip plugin in my previous screenshot). Still I wonder why Cubase 10.5 had no issues with any of them, or if there’s something in Cubase 12 that I am missing…

The way Hidpi is dealt with changed a bit from 10 to 12. See here:

Thanks I didn’t know that, it makes sense. Then I guess that’s something only SSL can fix.

Only SSL can fix yes, we suggest you contact them and ask whether they intend to release a VST3 version of the aforementioned plugins compatible with Windows HiDPI.

They are Vst3 plugins

Hence the complement “compatible with Windows HiDPI” :wink: