SSL UF8/UF1 need Help with MIDI commands

With the latest version 360-Software 1.6.12 you have some autobanking for channels 1 - 8. But if you select track 37, you have to call up banks 33 - 40 first. It’s really stupid to change banks with the controller because you don’t know how often you should have to press “bank up” or “bank down”.

I now had the idea of ​​using an Elgato Streamdeck to directly access the banks, regardless of which position you are. Select banks 1-8, 9-16, 17-24… directly with the stream deck. For example, to switch to banks 33 - 40, the Streamdeck has to send the command “bank down” ten times + “bank up” 3 times.

So I came up of ​​using the SendMIDI tool to capture the data of this controllers and send the same MIDI comands back to the device - which doesn’t work. The device does respond - but not with a bank change.
The SSL company remains silent when asked for a table with MIDI commands.

Or can you force a bank change within Nuendo?
I’m at a loss with the MIDI remote function.

Does anyone have any idea what you can do to control such a SSL UF8/UF1 from the outside?

According to my sources with close relations to SSL, there is a problem with the implementation of the communication protocol on Steinberg’s end. Some decisive parts seem to be missing. In other words: Chances are poor for a real solution.

There is definitely something fishy there, as the little (old) Presonus Faderport v1 can “autobanking” via Mackie and jumps from track 7 to track 54. Likewise, the drum controller “aura Nektarine” can follow all tracks across all banks and transmits 25 letters of the track name via Mackie, which according to SSL is not supposed to be possible. That’s never Steinberg’s fault.

That’s where my idea came from, using the send MIDI tool (Github) to send commands to the SSL controller via Streamdeck in order to directly select a bank, for example 33 - 40.

(I regret selling my Avid Artist Mix.)