SSL2 and Audient Asio drivers hang Cubase 12 on startup and exit

Hi all! I have Cubase Elements 12 (12.0.20), and SSL2 audio interface on Windows 10 (with all the latest patches/updates). Interface works fine with same version of Cubase on my Mac, to put that out of the way, and it plays/records/monitors fine in Windows outside of Cubase. The problem I will describe below also happened with Audient Evo 4 interface, which I actually returned and replaced with SSL2 because I though it was their driver’s problem.

First, Cubase sometimes does not start, it hangs. If it starts it says

The audio hardware using the "Solid State Logic ASIO Driver" was removed from the computer.

It then lists all the drivers available (ASIO4ALL, Generic and SSL Asio Driver) but selecting it just hangs Cubase.

(this is an example with SSL2, but Audient Asio Driver had exactly the same issue)

Cable is not a problem, I have tried using both interfaces with USB C-C and with USB C-A, and hardware works for sure because I can e.g. play music on it regardless of Cubase issues.

If I click “OK” (as per above mentioned dialog window) it hangs horribly, and cannot even be closed without killing it via Task Manager in Windows 10. Sometimes it hangs even at this point, and it does not allow me to click the OK button. Also, main menu of Cubase (the main window, with File, Edit, Projects… is totally nonresponsive and does not register clicks).

Restarting computer and other trivial stuff did not help.

Here is what works: selecting other driver (e.g. Generic or Asio4All) just to enter Cubase. Then changing driver in Studio setup to SSL’s Asio driver. All works (except it hangs on exit and I have to terminate Cubase via Task Manager). But next time I start Cubase we are back to the initial issue described above.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

I’ve resolved the issue by uninstalling Asio4All. That was the culprit!