SSO Login failed both Performer and VST Connect PRO

Is the Server down for VST Connect today? had a schedule VO recording and we could not log on, both from my side and performer side and got the Failed login SSO- still not working after we had to resort to a plan B scenario after 3 hours. Love this software and been using awhile as great source connect alternative but today did concern me. We were actually able to connect in the morning and then could not again 15 minutes later after restarting the application. It would make sense if the server is down and having technical difficults then assuming its something that magically changed on my end ( becuase it was on the performer side as well) anyway to confirm this is down today? Thanks alot

Im getting the same error.
We were able to connect 2 days ago… but today we both can’t log-on.

Okay thanks for the report. Good to know that its not only my experience. I’m not sure I’m going to have much time to run some tests again, but I plan to re-test soon. Though if more people report this seems like a server error in some capacity if so. If anyone on Steinberg side see these can you confirm? please we don’t want to dig deep into troubleshooting if the issue is server side

Just seeng this so I bet its this:

Dear customers,

The Steinberg Licensing system will be temporarily unavailable for essential maintenance from 07:00 UTC on Tuesday 19 March 2024. We anticipate the maintenance taking no longer than 30 minutes.

During this time, you will be unable to redeem Download Access Codes (DAC), activate/deactivate your licenses in Steinberg Activation Manager or view your licenses on the MySteinberg/Steinberg ID website. Previously activated licenses will continue to function during the maintenance period.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If connection via server fails, you can still use the ID method to connect instead:

  • on both ends, do not log in
  • in the VST Connect plugin (studio), click the “ID” button.
  • a group of two numbers appears. Transfer this to the performer/talent (phone, mail, social…)
  • in the Performer app, have talent enter these numbers exactly as provided…
  • …and click connect in the Performer app

Thank you so much @musicullum. I will definitely try this as a backup solution. Currently its easier for me to supply an email account to the talent that we manage, one less thing to think about on their end. I like the ability for them to be able to re-connect if ever there is a disconnection durng a session. However I was thinking about the ID method and thought maybe it was connected to the server also, Great to know. Appreciate it.