Staccatisimo and slur

Please look to the attached foto. Are both orders of slur and staccatisismo allowed? If it’s allowed, that the staccatismo is outside of the slur, can do Dorico this automatically?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-25 um 20.40.06.png

When a slur is on the notehead side, Dorico decides whether or not the slur should go inside or outside the staccatissimo based on whether there is room between the staccatissimo and the notehead for the slur to sit nicely. What this means in practice is that if the note is on the middle staff line or the two staff positions above it (for a stem-down note) or the two staff positions below it (for a stem-up note), the slur can go between the notehead and the staccatissimo, but once the notes approach the edge of the staff, there is no longer sufficient room, so the slur goes outside the staccatissimo.

Thank you for the explanation!