Staccatissimo inside staff in spite of engraving rule

Forgive me if this is addressed somewhere else. I couldn’t find it.

I’ve got staccatissimo set to NOT allow inside the staff, but this one seems belligerent. Not sure why. (Dorico 5.0.20 on a Mac running Ventura)

Those are staccato (dots), not staccatissimo (wedges).

I think the one being referred to is the one I have circled in red.

Sorry, I missed that one! (Reason why you wouldn’t want it there in the first place). Not at computer, I can’t experiment with it now.

It stays outside for me, so there must be some Engraving Option that you’re missing.


Without seeing your project file, it’s hard to say more.

Has it been moved in Engrave mode?

In Write mode, select the passage in question and do Edit > Reset Position. See if that moves it back to where you think it should be. You will probably need to do it in the score and the part.

It looks forlorn down there so far from the note. Maybe allow it in the staff or place it over the note.

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The staccassimo wedge stays outside the staff for me too. But more fundamentally, the stem direction for that 3-note group looks wrong to me (although it’s the same one that automatically happened for me): with the A up on a leger line while the F’s are within the staff. I’m not sure why that’s the default (there may be a rule I’ve forgotten), but I would flip that group, which locates the marking in a player-friendly way.
Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 10.32.16 AM


Agreed. There is an Engraving Options setting to control this though:

With the furthest note option selected I get those stemmed-down by default.


Thank you for that information, @FredGUnn. I must confess that it would have taken me a good long time to track that one down (and clearly, it did!). This will be useful to know in future.

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Thanks, All!