Staccato-tenuto on iPad

I am not able to input a staccato and a tenuto on the same note. I can input other combinations of articulations (accent and staccato, accent and tenuto, for example), but staccato and tenuto just toggle back and forth. I have tried using both the articulations in the keyboard panel as well as the keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the dedicated keyboard shortcut found in the manual (the vertical line | ) does nothing.

I hadn’t tried this on the older versions, so I don’t know if this is new in 2.1 or not.

I found a work-around: the notes panel has a dedicated button for staccato-tenuto that works. Still, it would be nice if the keyboard shortcut and articulations in the keyboard panel would work as well as stated in the manual.

Dorico distinguishes articulations of force (accents) from those of duration (staccato). You can combine one of each type, but not two of the same type. It’s in the manual somewhere… probably under articulations!

I suspect the issue is how modifier keys (including Shift) work on the iPad. Apologies for the incorrect information.

It would also be very nice if Dorico did not distinguish between articulation of length and duration so that musicians could easily combine them the way composers do.

True, “|” does nothing, but you can change it to “SHIFT-|” (or something else) in the Preferences → Keycommands editor, and that works.

What combination are you wanting that cannot be created (as you have already ‘found’ the tenuto-staccato)?
If a composer put both a staccato dot and staccatissimo wedge on a note, how is the performer to interpret it?

I want the staccato-tenuto, the single most common combination of articulations in music, to be able to be input like any other combination of articulations. I don’t need the software to protect me from inputting articulations it doesn’t think I want.

“|” is already input using the shift key on an iPad.

Not on my keyboard, but whatever, just define another key combination then.