Staccato unreliable in 1.0.10

I don’t know if anybody else has this, but in trying to research another problem’s possible causes (see, I am fiddling with staccato notes on, say, a saxophone, and I find them to be inconsistent.

Example: My melody line is 2 quavers, quaver rest, three crotchets (trying my best to learn the british terminology here :slight_smile: ). I am experimenting with staccato on one or both of the quavers. Staccato on both seems to sound ok, then I remove the staccato on the second, and the FIRST plays back without staccato. With the second I am not sure if I can hear a difference.

I don’t know if this is something that for some reason or other is connected to other weirdnesses, like the thing in the link above… But something seems off. I have tried to remove both Dorico and HALIon completely and reinstall clean, to no avail.

edit: Might be this is related as well…


in my case accented notes (>) sound no different from un-accented notes while staccato notes (.) sound more accented than staccato.

Same here.

It seems that articulations are not observed if a note that has a different kind of articulation (or none) follows - see

+1 here

Dorico doesn’t yet play accents, as far as I know. Paul is working on this for the next update, all being well.