Staccato with fixed length


is it possible to let Dorico play every staccato notes with a fixed length. Quarter-, eights- and 16th notes should have the same duration.
If it’s not possible it would be great to have that option for staccato in playback options in the future.
Very often this kind of notation is used to make the rhythmic reading simpler.


If you have a sample library that has fixed-duration staccato sounds, Dorico will play them; otherwise, no, if you’re relying on Dorico’s so-called intrinsic MIDI playback effects, it will always specify the playback duration as a percentage of the written duration.

Gratkowski-- I’m very puzzled. I’ve never heard of such a thing (in my 74 years of reading music) as a staccato marking that has the same duration no matter what the note value is. Can you enlighten me as to where this idea came from and when? It’s a brand new and mind-bending concept for me.


L3B: i.e. Stockhausen “in Freundschaft”. It sais in the score all stakkato notes short, and he uses different note length with staccato.
Also every quarter note with a dot in Jazz is played short (as short as 8th or 16th)

In my 42 years of musical reading I always sticked to that brand new and mind-bending concept of “staccato means: play this note short, nearly as short as possible”

In my understanding there should be no need for a note longer than a quarter note with a dot. And in my 42 years of musical reading I have hardly ever seen one.

The concept of the staccato marking to me is readability: A quarter note with a dot is visually more compact than an eighth not followed by a rest. Furthermore, you will more likely find single staccato notes on the beat, while offbeat notes mostly must be notated rest-followed-by-note anyway.