stacked articulations? [solved]

Hello, at the moment I try to stack two articulations . and _ something Dorico does not allow.
Is there a way to accomplish this? (have a look at the example at the bottom, please)

For a string player there is a subtle difference in articulation,
having just a tie (actually a slur in this case) on repetitive notes:

having … on the notes under the tie (slur):

having _ _ _ on the notes under the tie (slur)

or having them both stacked


This doesn’t look nice, but it means something to the player…
stacked articulations.png
a plain slur.png

I really don’t understand the question. Are you trying to stack a staccato and a tenuto? Don’t! There’s a separate articulation for that.

.| .|

Brilliant, thanks pianoleo, as I hardly ever use this panel I had plain-overlooked this.
And it even has it’s own Key Command (Single Quote on my keyboard).

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: