Stacked cycle record mode problem

hey everybody,

I’ve been trying to figure this out.I’m recording midi and when using cycle record mode set to Stacked(muted) it seems to record data with each pass but then only one of the lanes is un-muted and the others are greyed out and won’t un-mute even when selected or soloed. I have the record mode set to New Parts and cycle mode set to Stacked. I’m sure I’, missing something obvious but just can;'t figure it out.



Try the mute tool?


thanks,the mute tool works but the selected lane is supposed to play and all others are supposed to mute ,wondering if there’s something in preferences i need to change.

thanks again,


I don’t comp with midi so I have no experience, but with audio there’s a difference between actually muting an event and selecting/deselecting it with the comp tool. You don’t want any of the events muted, just select the one you want to hear with the comp tool. Unless midi comping works differently.


thnx. I’ve been going through some video tutorials and the I’ve got it set up exactly as they have it in the video and it’s not working correctly,I shouldn;t need the mute tool(kind of defeats the purpose),should just be able to select the lanes to hear them individually. I’'ll keep trying.
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Just to make sure, in the video’s they are probably using the comp tool, not the normal mouse pointer.