Stacked cycle recording: latest take not playing


I am cycle-recording a MIDI instrument with the following MIDI Record Modes settings:

  • Replace
  • Stacked

The function description for “Stacked” says:

New parts are created in each cycle, but only the last one is played back (others are muted).

However, during cycle recording, after having recorded one cycle, that last (=latest) take is not played back for me (Cubase Pro 10.5.20). Instead, immediately a new lane is created, and no playback happens. This is how the display looks in the second (and third, …) cycle with me not playing anything except for in the first round:

I am sure that I haven’t been recording any event inadvertently after the first cycle’s end. This is seen because the lane 2’s part is auto-deleted when stopping the recording.

What setting do I have wrong so that I do not hear the playback of Lane 1 (until in any subsequent cycle, I start playing again, of course) ?

Thanks, Christian