Stacked events - Multiple Takes?

Greetings all,

I have been redoing a guitar part and using the loop and record method, resulting in 8 takes on one track. The problem is this - I can only see, and therefore only hear, the last take.

The manual says “Open the context menu for the audio event in the event display and select the desired event or region from the “To Front” or “Set to Region” submenu.” or “Use the handle in the middle of a stacked event and select an entry from the pop-up menu that appears”.

I have selected the event in the track and I cannot see any pop-up context menu. Right clicking brings up the cursor tool selector, and the handle in the middle of the event controls the volume. I’m totally at a loss, not least because Reaper automatically stacks all the takes in a rack: I was hoping that Cubase would make it eay too . . . . I just don’t know how to see the hidden (aka previous) takes.

So once again all help interpreting the clear as mud manual would be gratefully received. :confused:

I’m not sure which functions are available in Elements, but you’re looking for the ‘show lanes’ button.

Thanks Arjan.

There is no lane button in Elements, but I have found a tiny triangle at the bottom of the event that opens a sub menu to access the various takes one at a time. I suppose that is the context menu the manual refers to.

Aha I see, no lanes in Elements. Glad you found a solution.

so Im doing the same thing in LE10.5 and have multiple takes. the little square button right in the middle of the loop at the top of the track. click there and all your takes should drop down. Now I was wondering if there is an easy way to send each take to a separate track. i know I can drag and drop but if there are a lot takes this can get quite bothersome. :innocent: Thanks