Stacks from multiple songs/parts active at once

I am loading an existing project into and it seems that all stacks from all parts in all songs are active at once. The stacks take guitar input and have different settings. If I use pre-load then all stacks sound when I play guitar which overloads the output completely. If I go through each stack individually and mute it, I eventually can get back to just the 1 unmuted stack in the project sounds.
I am not sure if this has anything to do with any of the following: - Creating new stacks by copying or duplicating existing tracks or because not all of the tracks have names that are unique in the project. However, I have tried recreating the issue in a new fresh project and have been unable to.

You may send us your .vlprj file to examine.

I have attached the project. The issue seems to be with preloading as far as I can tell.
preload (3.9 MB)

You are correct. Preload activates each Stack but “forgets” to deactivate it thereafter. It will be fixed with the next version, thank you very much!

Great thank you.