Staff-attached text Zzzzzz and Qqqqq

I opened a Dorico 4 file in Dorico 5.1 for the first time… and it has mysterious staff-attached text all over it. Mostly “Zzzzzz”, but one notable “Qqqqqqqq”

It’s not too much fuss to delete these, but WHAT could cause this?

Didn’t you get any font warning?
First things first, though: quit Dorico, pull down the Apple menu and hit Restart, then try again.

No font warning. This text isn’t anything in the original document, so it’s not a font-replacement problem. New text boxes were created.

I can try importing again but by this point I’ve already deleted the rogue text and moved on with a new filename.

Can you upload a tiny version of the Dorico 4 file and maybe the same for the 5.1 file?

If you still have Dorico 4 installed, I would try opening the file in that and see if there is anything which occurs at the same positions - not just text, but musical elements as well, such as articulation, playing techniques and any other markings. This might give some idea as to their origin.


Here’s the older and newer versions.
Maybe it was Dorico 3.5? (In Dec 2021)

What is Passion CLEANUP Dec26_2021.dorico (1.1 MB)
What is Passion CLEANUP April14_2024.dorico (1.5 MB)

Good idea, but I don’t still have old Doricos (Dorici?) on my newer computer.

I have just opened it in Dorico 4.4.31 and it tells me that it was last saved in Dorico 4.0. Also, there is a missing font dialog referring to the font AleBoxes.

Here is a PDF exported from Dorico 4.

What is Passion CLEANUP Dec26_2021 - 2024-04-15 - Full score.pdf (378.4 KB)

I get that AleBoxes notification for all my files, so I ignore it… it must have ended up in my defaults but I didn’t keep the font on my computer.

So the problem isn’t the import into D5? How strange.

Yeah, this is AleBoxes (my font). That’s how you make an aleatoric box. ZzzzzzZ or whatever other letter.

Install AleBoxes and restart Dorico, and I imagine this will look quite different.


Aha! This makes sense now. I had not used your font in a while so I forgot the context. The other small issue in the score was that the aleatoric box around one moment in the basses is missing. It’s only one place though, could that really cause so many instances of the Zzzzzz?