Staff hiding undone at key/time signature changes

I’ve set staff hiding to kick in after the first system. At every time or key signature change, however, the score shows all staves for the first system afterwards, even if there’s no new flow. Is there a way of preventing this? I can’t find a way to hide individual staves. Is there a way to override the settings on an individual basis?

This is atypical behaviour. Is this a musicxml import?

You guessed it; imported. I was wrong, by the way. It’s not at time signature changes, only key signature changes. Still, is there a way to hide staves manually?

No. There has to be something in the import that’s preventing Dorico from hiding staves. Have you tried deleting initial clefs?

I’m sorry but I have no idea what you mean by that. I really need to solve this problem. It’ll be a deal breaker if I can’t. I tried setting hiding for all staves but it didn’t help. You mean Dorico can’t hide or show staves on an individual basis?

When you import XML, the first clef can be tricky. It looks normal but may be explicit. Sometimes you need to select the first clef and “delete” it. It may fix the abnormal behavior.

Thanks for the hint with deleting the first clef. I will try to remember it the next time I will run into this behaviour. So far another easy trick helped solving these issues: Creating a new player/instrument, copying the music over from the offending stave and then deleting the old offending stave.

Interesting. I tried setting staff hiding to include the first system and it didn’t hide the empty staves until I deleted the initial clefs. Unfortunately, in the other places in mid-piece (at key signature changes), there aren’t any explicit clefs which I can select or delete, and there aren’t any flags, either. Does anyone have an idea why Dorico won’t hide these staves?

If there is a key signature change that only applies to one staff, Dorico does not hide that staff even if it is otherwise empty.

I wonder if the key signature changes in your MusicXML import have been applied to each staff separately. Try inputting a “global” key signature change at the same place in the score.

You’re right. After some experimentation I discovered that there were indeed explicit key changes applied to each staff by the XML translation. I could select these in the staves which refused to hide and delete them, after which the staves disappeared. Thanks to all; your comments pointed me in the right direction!

Vaughan, I’ve discovered that some XML from Finale comes in with ‘individual’ key signatures on all staves, and also time sig signposts on every bar…

Of course, then I delete the key change in those staves which creates problems later on when those voices come in and are written with the right notes in the wrong key signature. I then have to go into Galley View and reapply the key signature to those staves. It doesn’t look as though there’s any easier or shorter way to do this.

Thanks, Ben. That’s what I’ve discovered, as well. The extra time signature signposts don’t seem to cause problems but the key signature ones prevent the staves from hiding.