Staff Hiding

Maybe I am dumb, but I have a piece that has three staves for a piano but only sometimes, and I would like to hide the bottom staff when it is not playing. Any thoughts on the best way to go about this?

Check Layout Options->Verical Spacing->Staff Visibillity->Hide Empty Staves


You can also right-click anywhere and use Staff->Remove Staff and Add Staff Below when needed again.

Do you have to do it system by system?

Not with the first method: Hide Empty Staves


With the second method, it will be removed until you add it again.

You can also insert system breaks where you want the number of staves to change, and then click on the system brake handle and a little manual pop-up that will allow you to decide exactly what gets displayed and what gets hidden.

Using the generic “hide empty staves“ is the quickest way to go about it and then adding one or two system breaks where the automatic algorithm doesn’t figure out how you want it is going to be the quickest and easiest way.

Also, make sure that you select the checkbox “allow single staves of a multi staff instrument to be hidden”.

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